Pentium III prices nose-dive next week

Intel Corporation will reduce prices on its microprocessors next week by as much as 35%, and for the first time deep price cuts will hit the bleeding-edge Pentium III as well. The move is also designed to begin the phase-out of the Pentium II, so that Intel can focus on its newer Celeron, Pentium III, and Pentium III Xeon lines.

The price of the 500 MHz Pentium III will be cut 24% to $482 per chip, while the 450 MHz version will be reduced 35% to $268. 450 and 400 MHz Pentium II chips will fall to $268 and $193, respectively. Meanwhile, the Celeron will be cut up to 21%.

In other Intel news, expect the introduction of 550 MHz Pentium and 366 MHz mobile Celeron processors next week as well

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