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Update: Windows 10, Privacy, and Telemetry

Update: Windows 10, Privacy, and Telemetry

Windows 10 Privacy is back in the news this week but it is actually for something positive that offers end users greater control over their data that is collected and used by Microsoft.

I wrote about the new Microsoft Privacy Portal under the Microsoft Account website earlier today on SuperSite: Windows and mention it here because it may be a good subject to bring up with your users that need a Microsoft Account in the course of their daily work related tasks.

This information was initially shared by Microsoft's Terry Myerson, the companies Executive VP of the Windows and Devices Group, in a blog post on the official Windows blog. It spells out their continued commitment to protecting users privacy and giving them more control over the information Microsoft uses to enhance their experience using Microsoft software and services.

Beyond consumer privacy, this blog post from Myerson also mentions the efforts from the company to give enterprise and business customers full control over telemetry and privacy for their users.

He refers to this article at the Windows IT Center titled Configure Windows telemetry in your organization and it goes into detail to help IT Pros understand telemetry and how that data is used to improve the overall Windows 10 experience.

Some of the areas of detail in this article include:

How telemetry data is handled by Microsoft

  • Data collection
  • Data transmission
  • Endpoints
  • Data use and access
  • Retention

It then goes on to explain the four telemetry levels used with Windows 10 and the impact each have on the OS and functionality.

  • Security
  • Basic
  • Enhanced
  • Full

Finally, they also provide details on how enterprises and business can manage their telemetry settings and configure them at the operating system level using Group Policy, Mobile Device Management, Registry Editor, and System Center 2016.

Check out the full Configure Windows telemetry in your organization article for all of the pertinent details.


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