Microsoft Releases Updated Graphics Driver to Fix Surface Pro Issues with Windows 10 Build 9926

An updated driver is available from Windows Update for those Surface Pro users with video problems after installing Windows 10 Build 9926.

Rod Trent

January 30, 2015

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Microsoft Releases Updated Graphics Driver to Fix Surface Pro Issues with Windows 10 Build 9926

One of the bigger issues facing Windows Insiders with the latest build of Windows 10 (Build 9926), is that graphic performance and stability is severely poor for users of Microsoft's Surface Pro series of tablets. I've written about this twice already. Once to announce the widely reported issue, and the second time to deliver some community created solutions.

Microsoft truly wants Windows 10 to work for Insiders, particularly those running the company's own hardware, like the Surface Pro 3. In December, despite any new builds releasing, we saw Microsoft deliver fixes for the November release, further showing that the company is intent on fixing glaring issues to ensure Windows 10 can be used for testing and feedback, despite it clearly still showing beta software problems.

Last night, Microsoft released a fixed version of the Intel graphics driver for Surface Pro users. This version specifically addresses the video playback issues experienced by many, where Netflix and even videos from YouTube simply wouldn't work.

To get the driver, dig into Windows Update to obtain it. Windows Update has been moved in Windows 10 Build 9926. To find it, see: Windows 10 Build 9926: Where's Windows Update?

Windows Insider Chief, Gabe Aul, announced the availability of the new driver on Twitter.

This new driver is showing up as available for the Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3. Surface Pro 2 users have reported bluescreens when attempting to install the driver, but a simple reboot will clear the error. Just something to watch out for.

Personally, I've had no issues with video at all. But, I have Windows 10 Build 9926 on the original Surface Pro and not on my Surface Pro 3.


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