RingCentral Study Finds Calling is Alive, Healthier Than Ever

Enterprises large and small are still finding value in telephony services for internal and external communication and collaboration.

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RingCentral Study Finds Calling is Alive, Healthier Than Ever

RingCentral recently surveyed 350 business leaders and technology decision-makers to get a sense of the state of enterprise communications. While enterprise messaging and video usage have increased significantly over the years, RingCentral’s data shows telephony continues to be the preferred mode of communication.

Most enterprises (over 90%) still consider the phone as their primary tool, according to the “7 Key Communication Trends for 2023” report. Even 40% of companies that don’t primarily use the phone said it’s still one of their main tools. According to 95% of business decision-makers, the phone is also essential for customer engagement and revenue generation.

Although smaller companies with up to 99 employees are most likely to use the phone as their primary communication tool (58%), large enterprises with 10,000 or more employees mainly use the phone as well (55%). The findings show company size doesn’t really affect phone usage; it remains a popular tool for companies of all sizes.

The reason why telephony continues to be popular in the enterprise is because it’s used for both internal and external communications. The report found that 74% of the respondents use phones for internal calls, 59% for internal meetings, 82% for external client calls, 61% for external client meetings, 70% for external vendor calls, 64% for outbound customer calls, and 52% for inbound customer service.

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A significant amount of industry chatter is around calling dying or claiming that the phone is dead. In reality, calling and video are the only channels that provides a human touch, and video is difficult to use in certain situations. Digital channels, such as bots and e-mail, are fine for low complexity and simple interactions. But when people want to discuss things like money, health, their jobs, or anything that can cause anxiety, the phone is often the best way to do it, as the person on the other end can react with empathy and understanding. That doesn’t happen with digital channels.

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