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Enabling Teamwork, Collaboration Through Purpose-Built Rugged Solutions

Purpose-built rugged solutions provide remote teams with reliable communication and collaboration.

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Enabling teamwork and collaboration through purpose built rugged solutions

Organizations need to reimagine their ways of working to thrive in this fast-moving, technology-driven world. As businesses consider how next-gen technologies can support new skills, responsibilities, and models of work, teamwork and collaboration will remain a critical foundation to workplace success. Along with the right rugged solutions, teams and businesses can seamlessly adapt and forge ahead amid an ever-changing work environment.

Prioritizing Teamwork to Maximize Success

It is no secret that rapid digitalization has fundamentally changed the way we work. The nature of teamwork has and will only continue to evolve. While the option of remote or hybrid work is standard for many companies, employees are no longer physically together in the workplace, yet the need for human interaction and connectedness remains as strong as ever.

The secret behind a well-functioning team, despite varying work environments, is its individual members' ability to communicate and work in full alignment with their team. In specialized fields such as law enforcement, fire, and rescue, and for those who regularly work in remote environments, connectivity and clear information are vital to workers' safety.

In the midst of global labor shortages, developing and retaining talent has been a perpetual challenge for many industries. Organizations are focusing on redefining the employee experience, increasing their efforts to strengthen employee engagement, morale, and wellbeing for their existing teams. Teams who feel positive about their company and are highly connected are more likely to deliver increased profitability, align with organizational goals and objectives, and drive better individual engagement. It is clear that fostering inclusive workplace relationships and inspiring genuine peer-to-peer connections will be a top retention strategy.

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Purpose-Built Rugged Solutions: The Foundation of Workplace Collaboration

Workplace collaboration takes many forms. Complemented with the right technology solutions, it can help minimize downtime, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and costs for repairs, maintenance, and premature replacements, all the while ensuring synergy and continuous collaboration across the organization. Eighty-three percent of professionals depend on technology for effective workforce collaboration. Especially for businesses operating in remote and challenging work environments, the right rugged solutions are more important than ever.

Take the natural resources sector as an example. Given the extreme and remote nature of the industry's working environment, frontline engineers require hardware that has long durability, reliability, and adaptability. Rugged solutions are able to let the teams make critical decisions and monitor progress without disruption.

When it comes to safety protocols, the choice of technology is highly consequential, and complex tasks require the proper equipment that can hold up in the field. Unlike the typical quick fixes needed for consumer and enterprise devices, purpose-built rugged solutions provide hazard protection that can withstand industrial applications. Workers in the field can operate with maximum efficiency and peace of mind, with the knowledge that their technology is built for high impact and long life cycles.

What we see in the public safety sector is that purpose-built solutions offer first responders the ideal blend of functionality, connectivity, and mobility. It helps them locate incident scenes without delay, gather patient data, and access clinical support information. These solutions also deliver accurate information for workers directly from their operations center. Furthermore, purpose-built solutions oftentimes resolve legacy hardware and software compatibility issues, where professionals can focus on their important tasks without having to worry about the technology they use.

Ensuring Tech Solutions Reflect the Ethos of Collaboration

Outstanding teamwork and operational performance depend on the combination of tailored tech solutions and a comprehensive partner ecosystem. Close collaboration between independent hardware and software partners to bring purposeful solutions to users can help maximize your organizational efficiencies. Integrating the right rugged solution, designed, engineered, and optimized to solve real-world industrial challenges, is a key factor in your team's ability to thrive. With the best combination of rugged computing devices, software, and accessories, as well as the dedicated support of knowledgeable services and support professionals, communication and collaboration propel productivity within your organization.

Mike McMahon is President of Getac North America.

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