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Software-Defined Storage: Understanding the Realities

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Software-defined storage solutions, in which the control plane of the storage system is separated from the data plane, promise to increase flexibility and cut costs in a storage architecture. However, the product class carries misunderstandings that can lead to added costs and inefficiencies. This presentation will explain software-defined storage, the functionality required, functions not addressed by the definitions, use cases, the importance in understanding them, the realities of the technology, economic and technical considerations, and expectations for the future.   

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Randy Kerns, Senior strategist and analyst, Evaluator Group

Randy draws from over 35 years of experience in helping storage companies design and develop products. Today, he is Evaluator Group’s key strategist in identifying major trends and shifts in the IT Data Center. He spends much of his time advising Evaluator Group IT end-user clients on architectures and acquisitions.

Previously, Randy was Vice President of Storage and Planning at Sun Microsystems. He also developed disk and tape systems for the mainframe attachment at IBM, StorageTek, and two startup companies. Randy also designed disk systems at Fujitsu and Tandem Computers.

Prior to joining Evaluator Group, Randy served as the CTO for ProStor, where he brought products to market addressing a long-term archive for Information Technology and the Healthcare and Media/Entertainment markets.

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