Software Development in 2022: ITPro Today's Top 10 Stories

Our most-read software development stories cover new tools and strategies to help developers overcome challenges that are leading to burnout and turnover.

Dylan Fisher, Digital SEO Content & Copy Editor

December 30, 2022

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From security concerns to low job retention, software development in 2022 saw a wide range of noteworthy challenges. In turn, ITPro Today's coverage focused on how these challenges are impacting the field — and the new strategies and tools developers are using to overcome them.

Review our 10 most-read stories below for a holistic understanding of the state of software development.

1. 5 Tips for Inclusive Product Design

Ready to use dev tooling and AI services to drive inclusion and accessibility in your product design? Here, Jordan Horowitz summarizes five core suggestions from Microsoft cloud advocates Rory Preddy and Henk Boelman for accessible design.

2. Developer Burnout Fueling Great Resignation Staff Migration

Just as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, so does the Great Resignation. As developers re-evaluate their relationships with their jobs, it's up to IT departments to manage burnout and "empower the wider workforce to take the strain off developers." Read Sean Michael Kerner's analysis of recruitment and retention research conducted by MuleSoft in February 2022.

3.GitHub Copilot, Amazon CodeWhisperer AI-Assisted Development Tools Debut

In 2022, we saw the emergence of artificial intelligence models like never before. Learn about a new group of AI tools geared toward helping developers write code faster.

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4.Postman State of the API Report Reveals Challenges

In August, Postman released its annual State of the API Report. In this article, we highlight the report's key findings on API spending and security, plus predictions for the future of APIs in software development.

5. What Is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu Linux is a free, open-source operating system distributed by Canonical. Learn more about Ubuntu, its different editions, and the benefits and pitfalls of Ubuntu Desktop.

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6. Weighing the Pros and Cons of Becoming a Full-Stack Developer

For developers considering a career shift, this article is a great resource. Here, Christopher Tozzi dissects three advantages and three challenges of taking on a full-stack developer role.

7. What Is GitHub and What Is It Used For?

With 83 million active users, GitHub might be the single most important platform for software developers. If you're new to software development, this guide breaks down how GitHub works, how it compares to top competitors, the major features and benefits of its use, and additional resources to continue your learning.

8. Top 7 Open-Source Tools and Frameworks for Metaverse Development

In 2022, we saw the metaverse open up new opportunities for software developers — despite the platform's mixed reception. Review this list of seven open-source resources made to streamline your metaverse development.

9. 2022 State of Open Source Report Details Challenges, Opportunities

In this review of the 2022 State of Open Source Report, we cover the recent growth of open source software in the face of security concerns.

10. Metaverse Enables Software Developers to Explore New Horizons

Want a deeper dive into metaverse development? In our final top software development article of the year, we discuss all things metaverse — from pros and cons to best practices. Explore the different ways that developers can use the metaverse to build new applications and immersive experiences.

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