Load Testing Tool: SmartBear Releases LoadComplete 2.0

SmartBear Software has released the latest version of its application load testing tool, LoadComplete 2, which includes features that improve load testing of web and rich Internet applications (RIAs)

Anne Grubb

December 12, 2011

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SmartBear Software , a provider of software development, testing, and monitoring tools, has released LoadComplete 2.0, the latest version of SmartBear's load-testing tool for web and rich Internet applications (RIAs). Following are highlights of the new features in LoadComplete 2.0:

  • Support for load testing RIAs and associated protocols and formats. LoadComplete 2 supports load testing of web applications built with Adobe Flash, Flex, Ajax, and Silverlight, and supports the Action Message Format (AMF), XML (SOAP) and binary XML, and JSON web protocols and data formats. Additionally, LoadComplete can now decode data from server responses and encode values into further requests. Users can view, change, or parameterize traffic test data using the graphical tree view.

  • Enhanced point-and-click automation for parameterizing test data in AMF, JSON, SOAP, XML, and Silverlight data formats. An improved Data Selectors feature now lets you insert data not only into URL parameters or into parameters of POST multipart/form-data or form-url encoded requests, but also into an arbitrary place in a body of any subsequent request.

  • Higher load-generation capacity, enabling 25 percent more virtual users per node. LoadComplete Remote Agent now supports simulating up to 400 virtual users on a computer node.

  • Enhanced reporting capabilities. The new "waterfall" graphs, Slow Pages and Slow Pages (Average) graphs in the Report Top 10 tab, now include detailed execution time of pages' requests. You can use this information to analyze the order and duration of page requests and find performance bottlenecks. Additionally, you can now export test results to PDF or MHT (HTML) files or send them to the printer directly from the Report panel.

  • Logging complete requests and responses. LoadComplete now saves the contents of all simulated requests and the contents of responses to these requests received from the server, displaying this information in two new test log panels: Request Body and Response Body.

  • Enhanced support for ASP.NET applications. LoadComplete 2 improves built-in support for .axd file requests to eliminate the need for any manual data manipulation.


SmartBear LoadComplete 2 load-testing report

LoadComplete 2.0 is the latest addition to the SmartBear Quality Anywhere PlatformTM. This platform also includes TestCompleteTM for functional test automation, AlertSite, for web and mobile performance monitoring, and soapUI for testing web services and APIs, all of which also support RIAs. Various pricing options are available for LoadComplete 2; you can download a free 30-day trial version of LoadComplete here.

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