JSI Tip 6458. How do I set permissions in DFS replica sets for all replicas?

Jerold Schulman

March 20, 2003

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To avoid inheritance and permissions problems with replica members, use the following as aguide (from Q308568):

  • To correctly set permissions on a DFS replica member,specify the permissions on the root folder of the share, instead of settingshare permissions. Do not set permission shares because the permissions areonly applied to that share. Instead, use the master replica to set filepermissions.

  • If you want to inherit permissions from a parent directory,set the permissions on a master replica to prevent confusion and conflicts. Youcan also deny the change permissions user on the root folder of the replicamembers.

  • The share permissions are used in replica set members toprevent clients from connecting to hub DFS servers. This can also be used togrant users rights based on their group or locality.

  • To activate inheritance on a shared folder, click to selectthe Apply these permissions to objects andor containers within thiscontainer only check box.

  • Inherited permissions are propagated on the folders andfiles by the replica on which the source is created.

  • Inherited permissions can be overridden when you reset thepermissions. To reset permissions, in the share properties dialog box, on thePermissions tab, click to select the Reset permissionson child objects and enable propagation of inheritable permissionscheck box.

  • To block inheritance of permissions, on thePermissions tab of the share properties dialog box, click toclear the Allow inheritable permissions from parents to propagate tothis object check box.

NOTE: See DFS Does Not Replicate Contents to Root Replicas.

NOTE: See How to share files and folders in a Windows 2000 domain?

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