JSI Tip 2897. Windows 2000 RRAS sever in a Windows NT 4.0 domain issues error when RAS Services are configured?

Jerold Schulman

October 9, 2000

1 Min Read
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When you you use RRAS to configure a RAS or VPN server on a Windows 2000 server in a Windows NT 4.0 domain, you receive:

Windows was unable to add this computer to the list of valid remote access servers in the Active Directory. Before you can use this server as a remote access server, you need to have domain administrators add this server to the list.

By default, the Windows 2000 RRAS server uses the Active Directory to add/find a list of valid RAS servers. Active Directory does NOT exist in a Windows NT 4.0 domain.

You can ignore this error message in a Windows NT 4.0 domain. The server will function normally.

When you migrate to an Active Directory domain, the error message will not be issued.

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