A .NET Data Navigation Bar Control for Windows Forms

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October 30, 2009

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A .NET DataNavigation Bar Control for Windows Forms

dtrt agannounced dtrt.NavBarWin, a RAD control that works in the Microsoft .NETFramework and is best used in the Microsoft VS.NET development environment.

  This Windows Forms data navigation control workswith datasets, views, collections, and every object that implements the IListinterface. It can be used with all VS.NET compatible languages, especiallyVB.NET and C#.

  The control enables a user to navigate adata collection. This can be done either by clicking on buttons, using shortcutkeys, entering navigation commands in the display window, or by selectingcommands from the context menu. For additional purposes, developer-definedbuttons can be activated. One set of buttons is defined for incrementalnavigation, which enables users to navigate a predefined number of records/dataitems (i.e. jump forward or backward five records). An integrated designerallows building horizontal, vertical, and custom layouts that can be furthertailored to the developer's liking.

  A quick start guide helps with installationand the first implementation. Samples in VB.NET and C# show possibleimplementations. Programming parameter info and quick info, as well as anextensive help system (context-sensitive and standalone), aids the developerwhile programming.

  A fully functional evaluation version isavailable at http://www.dtrt.com/Download/DldMain.aspx.



Price: US$31.30

WebSite: http://www.dtrt.com


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