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Are you a SharePoint admin or developer? Have you figured out a few tips, tricks, or how-to's about how SharePoint works, things that your fellow admins or devs can use to make their jobs easier? Are you able to handle meeting deadlines and having your writing edited? If your answers are "yes,"  you might want to consider writing for us. It's not as easy as you might think, but it can be rewarding on many levels.

Some of the types of original, never-before-published technology content we use include the following:

SharePoint Pro blog entries: A way for admins and devs to break into print or for experts to vent. Must be related to SharePoint and must address readership of SharePoint admins or SharePoint devs. Generally not paid and generally not edited.

Reader to Reader pieces: Short pieces (up to 700 words) from the trenches that tell the SharePoint community about a free tool you use, discoveries you've made, or solutions to problems. (Example: "An Effortless Way to Confirm the Presence or Absence of Computer Objects.") Pay is $100.

Columns: Longer pieces (750 to 800 words) that fit into POV: Dev ("3 Design Patterns SharePoint Developers Should Know") or POV: IT Pro ("SharePoint 2010 in the Cloud: 17 Risks to Consider") format. Generally offer tips or short how-to's or best practices, etc., with the focus on  helping SharePoint devs or SharePoint admins do their jobs. Pay starts at $200.

Single product reviews and Comparative product reviews: Reviews follow specific procedures and must be set up and coordinated by the product editors. Please query us for guidelines. ([email protected]) Reviews tell the reader what it was like to install and use the product and are specific about the testing environment and setup to give the reader some context. They tell what features the reviewer found useful and any limitations the reviewer found. Pay starts at $250.

How-to Features: Our longest pieces (2,600 to 2,900 words) that are highly technical and how-to-oriented, for either SharePoint devs or SharePoint admins. Authors are expected to be experts in the field and content is vetted and tested by technical reviewers before proceeding further into the acquisitions process. Examples include "Speeding InfoPath 2010 Custom Form Deployment to External Lists" and "Database Maintenance for SharePoint."  Request guidelines from the editors ([email protected]). Pay varies.

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