How can I make a Macintosh PPP connection to Windows NT RAS?

John Savill

July 5, 1999

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A. A. Information below from (reproduced as original link no longer works and its great information)

What you will need....

  • MacPPP is available through WSU IT - gopher address or FTP to or from their website.

  • MacPPP requires MacTCP 1.1 or higher (2.0.6 is recommended), Mac OS 6.0.5 or higher, and a Hayes-compatible modem for dial-in connections. If you use OS 7.5 or higher, you already have MacTCP. If not, you will have to purchase it.

Installing MacPPP....

  1. MacPPP installer contains a System Control Panel - ConfigPPP, a System Preference file - PPP Preferences, a System Extension - PPP, and a modem init text file.

  2. OS 7.x or higher: drag and drop these files into their corresponding folders.

  3. OS 6.x: drag and drop all of these files into the System folder.

  4. Restart your Macintosh.

Configuring MacTCP...

  1. Open MacTCP control panel (Apple Menu - Control Panels - MacTCP). Click More... button near bottom of dialog box.

  2. Fill in the following information: Obtain Address = Server; Routing Information/Gateway Address =; IP Address/Subnet Mask = (move the slider to the right until that number appears at the subnet mask field); Domain Name Server Information/Domains = (in first field) and (in second field); and IP Address = (in first field) and (in second field) [the default should be on the first line]. Click OK button.

  3. Select PPP icon from the MacTCP dialog box and close the window. [NOTE: If you select the PPP icon and another icon is also selected - you may have a conflict with software previously installed. You must remove the conflicting software to insure that MacTCP will function properly.]

  4. Restart your Macintosh.

Configuring MacPPP...

  1. Open Config PPP control panel (Apple Menu - Control Panels - ConfigPPP).

  2. Click and hold down the mouse button on the Server field. You will see a list of modems. Find your modem in this list. If you are in the local area (Pullman - Moscow), you should use the WSU-IT dial in instructions (which are already configured for you - so you're done. Read the documentation that came with the MacPPP installer for details on running.).

  3. If you are using the CRU_RAS server (if you are out of the local area), click the Config[uration] button. Change the phone number to the toll-free RAS number (call if you don't have it).

  4. Click Connect Script button - remove all text from script dialog window. Click OK.

  5. Click Authentication. Type your RAS userid and password. Click OK.

  6. Click Done.

Running MacPPP...

  1. To start your MacPPP, click the Open button.

  2. When the happy faces [PPP Open] are displayed in upper left corner, you're connected.

  3. You can start your applications (i.e., Telnet, Netscape, Fetch, Eudora).

  4. IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have successfully completed the preceding steps, you should be able to simply start your network applications (Telnet, Netscape, etc.) and MacPPP will automatically start. However, often MacPPP does not close your connection when just choosing Quit from the File menu. You must go into the ConfigPPP control panel & use the Hard Close to disconnect.


If you receive a dialog window "PPP wait timeout! Waiting on:OK", MacPPP was not able to communicate with your modem.

If you have an external modem:

  1. Is the modem powered on?

  2. Is the cable correct & attached properly?

  3. Is the modem connected to the "modem port" or "printer port" and does that match the declaration of the ConfigPPP dialog window in the Port Name?

  4. Do you have a modem cable that will CTS/RTS to work properly (i.e., hardware handshaking capability)?

If you have an internal modem:

  1. If you have not successfully used your modem with other packages, check to see if the card is correctly installed. Test in another software package.

  2. Check to see if the modem speed and port speed specified area appropriate.

Double check the modem init string. Check the Modem Init text file foradditional suggestions or contact your modem vendor to ask for the recommendedmodem initialization string.

If that fails, then perhaps your modem is not capable of running MacPPP/MacTCPsoftware.

General Information....

If you prefer to use FreePPP, you can download it from RockStar.Comor the WSU-ITwebsite.

If you do not have a userid and password on our CRU_RAS server, pleasecontact Vida Jones.

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