Windows 95/98 Subject to DoS via IPX Broadcast Storm

By sending an IPX ping packet that contains a forged source address that reflects the broadcast address, a denail of service attack can be launched.

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August 3, 2000

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Reported August 3, 2000 by Microsoft


Windows 95

  • Windows 98

  • Windows 98 Second Edition


The IPX/SPX (NWLink) protocol used in Windows 95, Windows 98 (including second edition) is subject to denial of service (DoS) attacks. The DoS condition occurs when an IPX ping packet with a broadcast source address is sent to a system. If sent to enough machines, such a packet could cause a broadcast storm, therby flooding the network with data.


Microsoft issued FAQ #FQ00-054, Support Online article Q265334, as well as patches for Windows 95 and Windows 98.

Discovered by Microsoft

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