Serviceaide Winter Update Boosts IT Service Management Automation

Serviceaide releases the "Kruger" winter update of its IT and enterprise service management platform, adding more automation and enhanced virtual agent capabilities.

Sean Michael Kerner, Contributor

January 18, 2023

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Serviceaide updated its IT and enterprise service management platforms on Jan. 18 with the release of the company's winter update, code-named "Kruger."

The Kruger update encompasses a series of Serviceaide services, including ChangeGear, Point Of Business, and Intelligent Service Management (ISM) capabilities, as well as the company's Luma virtual agent service.

Among the highlights of the update is the integration of the new Serviceaide Automation Orchestration Tool and enhanced asset discovery capabilities. Serviceaide enhanced the Luma virtual agent service with deeper service catalog integration as well as new capabilities that enable users to interact with the service via voice.

"Most of our clients are facing a labor shortage and at the same time seeing an increase in the amount and quality of support they are expected to provide," Bill Guinn, chief technology officer at Serviceaide, told ITPro Today. "This is placing more pressure on service organizations, which are embracing automation, artificial intelligence, and tools such as virtual agents to meet growing needs and manage cost, along with judicious outsourcing."

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Serviceaide Kruger Winter Update Integrates ITSM Automation

As organizations deal with the growing need for more IT services, automation can play a big role. That's where Serviceaide's new Automation Orchestration Tool fits in.

"[Service organizations] are embracing automation, artificial intelligence, and tools such as virtual agents to meet growing needs and manage cost, along with judicious outsourcing."

— Bill Guinn, chief technology officer, Serviceaide

Guinn explained that Serviceaide's Automation Orchestration Tool is a visual orchestration tool that can automate these processes by choreographing the flow of information and processing steps between staff and the applications. As a new architecture, the orchestration layer sits outside and above existing systems, unifying and integrating systems and people without modifying existing applications, he said.

"A visual orchestration tool makes defining and collaborating on process flows easy so manual and disconnected activities can be automated for improved speed, efficiency, quality, and overall throughput," he said.

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According to Guinn, Serviceaide automation orchestration is a major generational improvement to the company's prior automation capabilities, which did not offer visual drag-and-drop workflow management or a complete DevOps and product operations lifecycle.

Serviceaide automation orchestration was developed using a combination of open-source technology that supports the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) 2.0 standard. Guinn noted that the Automation Orchestration Tool also benefits from Serviceaide's own engine to make integration with applications and collaboration channels easier for users.

Luma Virtual Agent Helps Automate Enterprise Service Management

A foundational element for improving IT and enterprise service management is with self-help and virtual agent capabilities.

Serviceaide's Luma Virtual Agent provides organizations with a digital analyst experience for their IT, HR, facilities, and other departments' service functions. Guinn said that Luma offloads much of the routine requests that come into these departments and does so 24/7.

With the Kruger release, Luma Virtual Agent is now automatically integrated with service management catalogs.

"Luma is now able to read a service catalog, understand the intent of the services within it, and while conversing with a user offer a cataloged service to the user that matches their need," Guinn said. "Luma can read any modern service catalog and provide a familiar shopping-like experience to users seeking service."

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