Bam! Google Hacking Just Got Kicked Up a Notch

If Emeril Lagasse were a hacker he'd probably be using this new Google mining tool.

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August 30, 2005

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If Emeril Lagasse were a hacker he'd probably be using the new Google mining toolset, Massive Enumeration Tool. MET was released on August 30 by "Petko Petkov" and announced on the Full Disclosure mailing list. Written in the Python scripting language, MET is a collection of scripts designed to mine data from the gigantic databases stored by Google's search engine.

Petkov said that MET is the culmination of months of study centered around the Google API . The tool can do things like locate VPN configuration files, download the cached files of an entire Web site, download all the images from a site, download individual Web pages, gather statistics, and of course mine URL strings that might lead to known vulnerabilities. MET also supports "Johnny's Google Hacking Database " (GHDB) XML format.

It's yet another item to add to your toolkit. Check it out over at the GNUCITIZEN Web site. While you're Web surfing you can download a copy of the book, The Google Hacker's Guide, at the GHDB site.

Since Labor weekend is upon us and you're already sitting there with your Web browser open you might as well check out Emeril's recipe for Watermelon Margaritas and Bobby Flay's recipe for Tandoori Spiced Chicken Breast with Grilled Tomato Jam and Herbed Yogurt Sauce. Oh man, I can hardly wait to fire up the grill !

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