JSI Tip 6675. TCP/IP CP reported error 733?

Jerold Schulman

May 8, 2003

1 Min Read
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When you use Dial-Up Networking, on Windows 2000, to connect to your ISP, you receive:

Check networking protocol connections...

TCP/IP CP reported error 733: Your computer and the remote computer could not agree on PPP control protocols.

This error can be caused by having the Negotiate multi-link for single link connections  option enabled.

To disable this option:

1. In Network and Dial-up Connections, right-click the connection that you use to connect to your ISP and press Properties.

2. Select the Networking tab.

3. Press the Settings button.

4. Clear the Negotiate multi-link for single link connections box.

5. Press OK and OK.

NOTE: See Error Message: TCP/IP CP Reported Error 733: the PPP Control Protocol for This Network Protocol Is Not Available on the Server.

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