JSI Tip 6490. How do I invoke the device Properties dialog box from the command line?

Jerold Schulman

March 30, 2003

1 Min Read
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You can use Device Manager to display the Properties of device.

NOTE: See How can I add a Details tab to the Windows XP Device Manager Properties dialog?

To invoke the device Properties dialog from the command line, see the following examples:

rundll32.exe devmgr.dll DeviceProperties_RunDLL /DeviceID rootsystem000

rundll32.exe devmgr.dll DeviceProperties_RunDLL /DeviceID ACPI_HALPNP0C08

rundll32.exe devmgr.dll DeviceProperties_RunDLL /DeviceID "PCIVEN_8086&DEV_2445 &SUBSYS_010E1028&REV_123&172E68DD&0&FD"

NOTE: You must use quotes (") to encapsulate a device instance ID that contains an ampersand symbol (&).

NOTE: See Q164787 for additional information on the windows Rundll and Rundll32 Interface.

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