JSI Tip 6476. Freeware DeletePS.exe - Delete\Find Network Printer or Server Connection Utility.

Jerold Schulman

March 25, 2003

2 Min Read
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Download DeletePS.zip. When you extract DeletePS.exe and type DeletePS at a CMD prompt, you receive:

DeletePS.exe - DeleteFind Network Printer or Server Connection Utility - v1.1Created By: Harry Bates - Lockheed-Martin - [email protected] Line Switches - (All switches and params ucased automatically)   NO QUOTATION MARKS NEEDED. '/' IS THE SWITCH DELIMITER./D - Specify delete./C - Specify command line output.   Example output with the /D switch with the following command line   piped to a file:   DeletePS.exe /S=PSERV /D /C > \ServerShare%computername%.log   DELETED: \PSERVPRINTER1   DELETED: \PSERVPRINTER2   DELETED: \PSERVPRINTER3   Example output with just showing and no /D for deletion:   DeletePS.exe /S=PSERV /C > \ServerShare%computername%.log   FOUND: \PSERVPRINTER1   FOUND: \PSERVPRINTER2   FOUND: \PSERVPRINTER3   If no /D is specified and a match is found, /C is automatically   implemented./S=SERVERNAME - Show or delete all printers and server connections via   specified server on a workstation.   Example: If you had 20 printers connected to a workstation via a   single print server and you renamed the print server or removed   it from the network, this will delete or show all instances and all   printers that were connected via that print server./P=PRINTERNAME - Show or delete all instances of a specific printer   mounted via all servers on a workstation.   Example 1: If there were 2 print servers on your network and you   removed a printer that was mounted on both, this will delete all   of the instances of this specific printer by name.   Example 2: If you had a workstation with the following printers   connected   \PrintServer1HP-Laser   \PrintServer2HP-Laser   and you renamed HP-Laser or removed HP-Laser from the network,   if you use the /D switch it will removed both of these connected   printers, but leave all other printers mounted to these servers   connected to that workstation./A - Administrative removal of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE entry for removing   print servers. (Must use /D and /S switches also)   This will check first to see if the user has local admin priveleges.   If they do it will remove the following key from the registry:   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionPrintProvidersLanMan Print ServicesServersPSERVThis software is freeware.For updates or other freeware visit www.jsiinc.com and search for:'Harry Bates'THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED WITH NO GUARANTEE. AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLEFOR FAILURES OR PROBLEMS FROM USAGE OF THIS UTILITY. ANY BUGS OR COMMENTSPLEASE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL [email protected].

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