JSI Tip 2979. IE uses Proxy for local IP address, but I have 'Bypass Proxy Server for Local Addresses' enabled?

Jerold Schulman

October 30, 2000

1 Min Read
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When you connect to a local web server using the IP address or FQDN (http://webserver.domainname.com), Internet Explorer connects through the Proxy server, even though you have Bypass Proxy Server for Local Addresses enabled?

If you connect using a host name (http://webserver), Proxy is bypassed?

The Bypass Proxy Server for Local Addresses option only checks host name. To bypass a domain name or range of IP addresses, use the proxy exception list:

1. Internet Explorer / Tools / Internet Options.

2. Select the Connections tab.

3. Press LAN Settings.

4. Press Advanced.

5. Type the exceptions into the Exceptions box.

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