JSI Tip 0354 - Unattended install mini-FAQ.

Jerold Schulman

December 11, 1997

2 Min Read
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Here are 37 Knowledge Base articles which address many of the problems which you frequently encounter during an unattended install. See tip 214.

Q142666  -  Setting Up an Additional Service in Unattended Setup.txt
Q149283  -  Rollback.exe on Windows NT 4.0 CD Destroys Critical System Info.txt
Q151981  -  How to Set Up a Remote Debug Session Using a Null Modem Cable.txt
Q153768  -  Changing the Default Installation Drive Using UNATTENDED Setup.txt
Q155099  -  Creating Network Component .inf File for Unattended Setup.txt
Q155197  -  Unattended Setup Parameters for Unattend.txt File.txt
Q155614  -  Unattended Installation of Microsoft Windows NT 4.0.txt
Q155644  -  Preparing for Windows NT 4.0 Deployment.txt
Q156203  -  How to Disable Installation of NWLink NetBIOS.txt
Q156606  -  Windows NT Setup Fails to Install OEM Network Driver.txt
Q156653  -  Disabling the installation of IE 2.0 during setup.txt
Q156654  -  Disabling the Installation of Exchange During Setup.txt
Q156655  -  Installing OEM video drivers with NT 4.0 Unattended Setup.txt
Q156795  -  Using Sysdiff.exe with Unattended Setup and Windows NT 4.0.txt
Q156813  -  Controlling which Accessories are installed during setup.txt
Q156823  -  install of OEM netcard during 4.0 setup.txt
Q156876  -  Using UDF Files with Windows NT 4.0 Unattended Setup.txt
Q157576  -  Troubleshooting Problems Using Sysdiff.exe Tool.txt
Q158398  -  Automating Network Printer Setup.txt
Q158447  -  How to Run a Program Only Once After Unattended Setup.txt
Q158548  -  Sysdiff Changes Dates on Files It Applies to WinNT.txt
Q159451  -  Installing LPR Ports with NT 4.0 Unattended Setup.txt
Q159839  -  Sysdiff does not add directories trees that are empty.txt
Q162001  -  Do Not Disk Duplicate Installed Versions of Windows NT.txt
Q162230  -  How to install IISor PWS on NT.txt
Q163303  -  Sysdiff cannot be used to apply Service Pack.txt
Q163914  -  How to modify boot.ini using sysdiff.txt
Q163979  -  Setting Default Server and Script Options in CSNW.txt
Q165533  -  General sysdiff troubleshooting tips.txt
Q165669  -  How to set default Screen Saver through an unattended install.txt
Q165974  -  Cannot Install CSNW with Attended=Yes in Unattend.txt File.txt
Q166028  -  Installing 3rd-Party Video drivers with TXTSETUP.OEM Unattended.txt
Q166149  -  Unattended setup of RAS as DialOut also installs server.txt
Q167701  -  Unattended setup of NT Server 4.0 Network Monitor and Agent.txt
Q168107  -  Windows NT Briefcase appears and acts like a normal folder.txt
Q168217  -  Unattended Setup may fail with 3Com 3C619B Tokenlink III adapter.txt
Q168814  -  Installing NT 4 Service Packs during Unattended installation.txt

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