Eve Logunova-Parker on Bridging the Gap in Tech Accessibility

Evenness founder and CEO Eve Logunova-Parker previews her upcoming keynote presentation for the ‘Strategies for Maximizing IT Automation’ live virtual event on Thursday, March 28.

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April 10, 2024

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Eve Logunova-Parker has had many experiences within her 15-plus years in the tech industry. However, one problem has significantly influenced her work over the past four to six years: the lack of accessibility in tech. After realizing the immense need for inclusion, accessibility, and sustainability in the tech sector in 2018, Eve set her sights on making an impact.

“I started combining IT automation, agility, and go-to-market strategy together with research in the field of accessible tech design,” Eve said. “This led to me founding Evenness in 2020, and we're on a mission to make the digital domain more accessible and sustainable by the design and architecture of our client solutions.”

Powered by generative AI and dynamic data, Evenness uses these technologies to promote sustainable and accessible design, encouraging greater inclusivity. Doing so creates opportunities for every individual to fully engage in their lives.

“There are 1.3 billion people who have diverse health profiles, whether physical or mental," Eve said. “Some may refer to them as challenges, but I prefer to call them superpowers because people are different. Knowing that, technology should also be accommodating to their needs by offering content that creates immersive user experiences with digital assets.”

She emphasized that creating an enterprise culture of open innovation hinges on effective communication, cross-functional team collaboration, and continuous learning. The approach also incorporates feedback loops and ongoing optimization of technology, thereby increasing the level of equitable architecture, sustainable design, and cost optimization. Go-to-market strategies are reliant on these concepts for efficiency.

Eve is one of our featured keynote speakers for our live ‘Strategies for Maximizing IT Automation’ virtual event. The event launches on Thursday, March 28, presented by ITPro Today and InformationWeek. Watch our video interview to learn more.

As a member of the Transatlantic AI Exchange, Top 100 Web3 Women of the Future honoree, and former Global Chief Commercial Officer for Women in AI, Eve has been using her voice to advocate for the next generation of women in technology.

“I think it's more of a movement, where people have the awareness that we need to move along together and build together to save the planet, empower future generations, and make every moment count in a positive way,” she said. “Working with Women in AI created a space to have more diversity and inclusion in the economy.”

Are you looking for a winning approach to IT automation in your enterprise​? Join us on Thursday, March 28, to discover best practices to enhance business operations.

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