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SmashRun Now supports Microsoft Band

SmashRun Now supports Microsoft Band

It’s always a good sign when you start to see popular fitness services throw support behind Microsoft Band without a formal invitation from Microsoft. As Microsoft’s wearable becomes more popular, I expect to see more of these crop up.

Recently, I told you about Inkin, a new fitness socializing service that supports Microsoft Band. I’ve been using this service for a couple months now and love it. Through competitions and duels, the service can keep you on your toes and help you push harder to improve your overall fitness levels.

Now, another popular service has announced support for Microsoft Band. SmashRun is a service that’s popular with Nike+ users and provides a wealth of additional information about your runs. Additionally, SmashRun delivers the information in easier to consume data visualizations.

Announced on March 12, SmashRun users can now choose Microsoft Health as an option in the Synced Devices page of their user profile. Right now, SmashRun is only pulling in running data, but if the demand is there, the company promises to start pulling in additional information from Microsoft Health. And, since SmashRun is pulling data directly from Microsoft Health, both Band v1 and Band v2 are supported.

Try SmashRun:

With the integration just now available, I’m testing the service myself. I’ll report back what I think after I’ve used it long enough to get enough for a proper review. Do you use SmashRun? Let me know what you think.

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