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Recommended Microsoft Band Wall Chargers

Recommended Microsoft Band Wall Chargers

If you’ve never had an issue with your Microsoft Band, you’re probably unaware of a few, more commonly reported issues. One of those issues being reported is a problematic battery. Some users have experienced where their Microsoft Band 2 will just stop charging. Microsoft has been quick to replace these specific units and the problem is not widespread, but it still happens. And, it usually happens if the Band battery is allowed to discharge completely. From what I understand this is a pretty common trait of Lithium Polymer batteries and experienced by customers of other fitness wearables that use this type of battery. So, it’s not a Microsoft Band-only problem.

According to one source, Lithium Polymer batteries enjoy being kept at around 80% charge, and the more often you allow the battery to dip into deep deprivation, the shorter its life will be. To maximize the battery life and protect it from damage, charge it often. I wrote up a tip on developing your own charging routine for Band v1 and it still applies to Band v2:

Planning Your Microsoft Band Charging Routine

Last year, I also wrote a tip on how to get a fuller, quicker charge for your Microsoft Band. This was written for Band v1, but still also applies to Band v2:

Tip: Quicker Microsoft Band Charging

However, with all the hubbub around the perceived problems with the Microsoft Band 2 battery, there’s been additional discussion about which wall chargers are the best to use. As with Band v1, Band v2 charges better when used with a good wall charger, instead of being charged through a computer USB port. The battery problems have produce a few complaints that if the Microsoft Band has special charging requirements, why didn’t Microsoft include an approved wall charger instead of just a USB cable? And, that’s a great catch and I wholeheartedly agree. Hopefully Microsoft will include one with future versions.

So, which wall chargers work and are safe to use? Here’s a couple recommendations that have worked for me, and I have yet to have any battery issues with my Microsoft Band 2.

The one I use is a dual-port block from Motorola. It’s cheap, sturdy, and it works, and its small enough to travel with. You can pick one up from for less than $6:

Motorola SPN5689A OEM Dual Port Universal Wall Charger

But, if you’d rather have something that supplies charging power to more than one device, a good multi-port USB charger can be a life-saver, particularly for travelers. The one I travel with is the Omaker 5-port. It uses smart technology to detect the requirements of the attached device and delivers an optimum charge. All for less than $17:

Omaker Premium 40W 5Port lightning Speed Desktop USB Charger with Smart Output Technology

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