Can I backup a VM and use Hyper-V Replica?

Understand the issues related to using backup and Hyper-V Replica.

John Savill

June 12, 2016

1 Min Read
Can I backup a VM and use Hyper-V Replica?

Q. Is there a problem with backing up a VM that is also replicating with Hyper-V Replica?

A. It is very common to want to replicate virtual machines for DR purposes but also still back them up. Hyper-V Replica adds a certain amount of overhead on the storage subsystem as all writes are also written to Hyper-V Replica log files. When a backup is performed there is additional overhead on the storage subsystem however a backup uses a snapshot while Hyper-V Replica uses journaling so they can co-exist with no issues however a common solution that is fully supported by Microsoft to avoid the doubling of overhead during backups is to backup the replica VM and not the source.

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