Q. What is Windows SideShow?

John Savill

November 30, 2008

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A. SideShow is a new feature introduced with Windows Vista. It’s a technology designed to support the delivery of information from your computer to a second display, which can be built into the computer, such as a small display on the lid of a laptop, or a separate device, such as a remote control or mobile phone. The idea behind SideShow is that this second display can not only interact with your computer when the computer is turned on (for example via BlueTooth), but also store data for viewing when the computer is turned off. For example, the second display can store messages from your inbox or information from your calendar.

SideShow is part of Vista’s Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions. Don’t confuse SideShow with Windows Sidebar, which allows you to place gadgets such as clocks on your primary display. Like Sidebar, SideShow uses gadgets to enable specific functions. Vista includes inbox, calendar, and Windows Media Player gadgets for SideShow, so you can read mail, view calendar data, and control Windows Media Player from a SideShow device. You can also get more gadgets from the Windows Live Gallery.

Watch the below video to see John Savill explain Windows SideShow and demonstrate its use.

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