Top 10 Cloud Computing Articles: February 2022 update from March 2022

ITPro Today's most-read articles about cloud computing last month explore the promise of alternative cloud, help predict hybrid cloud costs, and examine multi-cloud challenges.

Rick Dagley

March 4, 2022

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While the Big 3 public cloud providers continue to dominate the market, alternative cloud providers are starting to attract more attention. In fact, alternative cloud was a hot cloud topic in February, with  Akamai acquiring alternative cloud provider Linode on Feb. 15 and DigitalOcean reporting a 35% year-over-year gain in revenue for 2021.

Read ITPro Today’s 10 most-read stories about cloud computing in February below to see how AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud fared in their most recent quarter, as well as how to predict hybrid cloud costs, how India's use of Apache CloudStack is bringing services to millions of its citizens, and more.

1. AWS Continues Dominance over Azure, Google Cloud with Strong Growth

The Big 3 public cloud providers all notched double-digit growth last quarter. Read what's driving this growth.

2. Akamai Acquires Alternative Cloud Linode for $900M

On Feb. 15, Akamai announced it is acquiring alternative cloud provider Linode to build out an end-to-end application delivery platform. Find out why Akamai decided to acquire Linode rather than just partner with it or another cloud provider.

3. Will 2022 Be the Year of Alternative Cloud?

This could be the year that alternative cloud makes inroads into the dominance of the Big 3 public cloud providers. Tech expert Christopher Tozzi explains why.

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4. Kubernetes Cloud Growth Continues to Expand Cloud-Native Adoption

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation's most recent Cloud Native Survey had some surprising findings on the popularity of Kubernetes, with approximately 5.6 million developers using it worldwide. Check out what else the survey found about Kubernetes, as well as the current state of cloud-native technology adoption.

5. When Securing Your Software Supply Chain, Don't Forget the Cloud

Cloud security issues can put your software supply chain at risk. Here are strategies for minimizing risk when using the public cloud as part of a software supply chain.

6. DigitalOcean Grows Alternative Cloud as Akamai Linode Looms Large

DigitalOcean claims it has come up with a winning formula that is paying dividends. This article looks at the strategy the alternative cloud provider is using to separate itself from its competitors.

7. Will Hybrid Cloud Save You Money? Predict Your Hybrid Cloud Costs

Moving to a hybrid cloud architecture could save your organization money, but that's not a guarantee. This how-to explains how to calculate your hybrid cloud costs and keep them down.

8. Open Source Apache CloudStack Extends Reach of India’s Government Services

This case study examines how the open source Apache CloudStack cloud platform is helping to bring government services to even the most remote areas of India.

9. CloudBolt Report Identifies Multi-cloud Challenges and Risks

While multi-cloud offers a number of advantages over a single-cloud approach, a recent CloudBolt Industry Insights report found that there are also challenges that organizations need to solve. This article looks at those and other findings of the report.

10. 3 Ways to Leverage Open Source in the Cloud

Running open source in the cloud comes with some drawbacks, but selecting the right strategy can enable you to enjoy the benefits of both open source and cloud computing.

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