ITPro Today's Top 10 Cloud Computing Stories in 2022

Our most-read articles about cloud computing explored why AWS could lose ground to its main competitors, myths about cloud pricing, the metaverse's impact on the cloud, and more.

Dylan Fisher, Digital SEO Content & Copy Editor

December 29, 2022

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In 2022, cloud computing became more popular than ever before, and ITPro Today readers looked for resources to broaden their cloud knowledge and drive informed business decisions. Below, our 10 most-read stories about cloud computing focus on these practical, user-friendly resources. Read on for product comparisons, best practices, and industry predictions.

1. 4 Reasons Why AWS Could Lose Its Dominant Cloud Market Share

Although it currently leads the playing field in cloud computing, AWS has been losing ground to its Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud competitors. Read on for the biggest threats these cloud providers currently pose.

2. Lightweight Kubernetes Showdown: Minikube vs. K3s vs. MicroK8s

If you're planning to set up a lightweight Kubernetes cluster, you're likely looking at one of three main distributions: Minikube, K3s, or MicroK8s. Use this guide to compare the positives and negatives of each of these tools.

3. Google Updates Open Infrastructure Cloud at Google Cloud Next

At October's Google Cloud Next event, Google announced the launch of infrastructure updates, including new C3 virtual machine cloud instances and Dual Run services. Sean Michael Kerner covered this update and what it means next for Google Cloud global deployment.

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4. How the Metaverse May Impact Cloud Computing

While the metaverse's fate is yet to be decided, its continued existence will likely have a sizable impact on cloud computing. Here, consider the five primary ways the metaverse might impact the way we use and manage the cloud.

5. OpenStack Yoga Stretches Open-Source Cloud with LOKI

In March, the Open Infrastructure Foundation launched its 25th update of the OpenStack Yoga open-source cloud platform. In this article, readers will find the impact of this release on the open-source cloud.

6. Ridge Raises $22M for Global Cloud Services Platform

Cloud computing startup Ridge plans to build a large-scale platform that enables its users to create cloud infrastructure with existing resources. Find out what Ridge's 2022 round of early-stage funding means for its progress toward that goal.

7. Cloud Sustainability: Migration Isn't Just About Efficiency Anymore

Environmental sustainability is crucial to the long-term growth of cloud computing. As part of IT Pro Today'sGreen IT series, this article suggests best practices in cloud migration for measuring and managing energy usage.

8. 5 Myths About Cloud Pricing

Misconceptions surrounding cloud pricing often lead to misused resources. In this technical explainer, we review the myths of cloud pricing and how to address them in your business's cloud spending.

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9. 5 Best Practices for Simplifying Kubernetes Management

While many developers struggle with Kubernetes management, 2022 offered new, easy steps to simplify your Kubernetes setup and deployment. Read our top five best practices in this article.

10. Who Needs Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management?

Is CIEM right for your cloud security needs? In this in-depth guide, learn what CIEM means, how it relates to other cloud security operations, and how to implement it at your business.

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