Serial Attached SCSI Working Group Formed

Compaq, IBM, LSI Logic, Maxtor, and Seagate announced that they've formed a new independent, open industry consortium called the Serial Attached SCSI Working Group. The group's goal is to develop a new interconnect specification for SCSI. Adaptec, Fujitsu, Hitachi, QLogic, ServerWorks, and Western Digital will support the group's initiatives.

"Serial Attached SCSI is the logical evolution in the growth and development of better mid-range storage technology for internal and Direct Attached Storage (DAS) customers. This solution has its roots based on the same proven, robust, reliable, and high-performing SCSI technology that has been in the storage arena for more than 20 years," said Harry Mason, director of the new group.

The Serial Attached SCSI Group expects to build on parallel SCSI and Serial-ATA technology to provide a new standard flexible-storage I/O system. The first Serial Attached SCSI products should be available in 2004.

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