JSI Tip 1499. RAS Counters Missing in Performance Monitor?

Jerold Schulman

July 30, 1999

1 Min Read
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If some or all of the RAS or RRAS counters are missing in Performance Monitor, one or more of the following conditions probably exist on your Windows NT computer:

1. The Rasctrs.dll is missing or corrupt.

2. The Close, Collect, Library, and/or Open values are missing at:


To resolve the problem, delete the Rasctrs.dll file and replace it from your latest Service pack. Then use Regedt32 to add any missing registry values at:


The registry entries should be:

Value name: CloseData type: REG_SZData: CloseRasPerformanceData Value name: CollectData type: REG_SZData: CollectRasPerformanceData Value name: LibraryData type: REG_SZData: rasctrs.dll Value name: OpenData type: REG_SZData: OpenRasPerformanceData

NOTE: to extract Rasctrs.dll from the RRAS installation file, type:

mpri386.exe /T: /C

where is the folder you want to put the files in.

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