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Cloud Cost Optimization: Best Practices for IT Pros Getty Images

Cloud Cost Optimization: Best Practices for IT Pros

Cloud expenses can add up quickly if IT pros aren’t careful. In this report, we break down strategies for reducing cloud storage costs, including the costs associated with cloud administration and cloud networking services.

Moving data to the cloud can be a great way to save money. With costs that are measured in mere pennies per gigabyte, cloud storage may be much less expensive – not to mention more reliable and easier to manage – than on-premise storage infrastructure. Yet those pennies-per-gigabyte add up over time. If you’re not careful to control your cloud storage costs, you may end with a total storage bill that far exceeds what you were hoping for.

That's why it's important for IT pros to have a cloud cost optimization strategy in place. And a good cloud cost optimization strategy includes more than just choosing the right cloud platform or service plan. Another facet that's easy to overlook is the cost of cloud administration. Cloud administration is the broad set of tasks and responsibilities necessary to build and manage a cloud environment. The more time and effort your team spends setting up and managing its cloud environment, the more you’ll pay.

And while fees associated with networking are typically not the largest contributor to cloud computing costs, cloud networking services costs can also be significant, especially in poorly optimized cloud environments.

Managing all of these areas is key to successful cloud cost optimization. This report details best practices for minimizing cloud storage costs, reducing cloud administration overhead and keeping cloud networking services costs in check – all without sacrificing reliability and performance.