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ASG Acquires Data Management Software Firm Atempo

IT software developer ASG Software Solutions has acquired Atempo, a provider of data protection and backup management software. ASG says the integration of Atempo’s backup and archiving solutions should expand ASG’s IT automation capabilities and help the company improve service delivery.

Atempo has 13 offices worldwide and more than 4500 customers across enterprises such as manufacturing, media & entertainment, healthcare, telecommunications, government, higher education and more. Atempo says its archiving technology is focused on the long-term preservation of digital assets, storage resource optimization and capacity planning, metadata management and ensuring e-discovery accessibility and meeting compliance requirements. Its data protection software, meanwhile, is designed for heterogeneous environments with a sophisticated data restore function.

The online publication The Register quotes Atempo CEO Michael Wall, who was appointed in November:

“ASG provides Atempo a platform for growth and expansion into the cloud market and a wider global reach,” he said. “Atempo’s current customers and partners can benefit from ASG’s broader cloud solutions, as well as their expertise in other key areas, such as content management, data/metadata management, and infrastructure and operations management.”

 Possibly selling out to ASG wasn’t what he had in mind. On the other hand perhaps it was the desired outcome … Atempo decided it could no longer go it, or even grow it, alone. It seems it wasn’t able to further geographic office growth and couldn’t see its way into offering cloud-based extensions of its products. Backup and archiving are becoming features in a wider set of product capabilities and Atempo on its own couldn’t grow as it wanted.

Atempo also offers enterprise server data protection, including protection of virtual machines, and protection for databases, laptops and desktops to ensure cross-organization data security.

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