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Frank La Vigne

Frank La Vigne is a Technology Evangelist in the Technology and Civic Engagement (TCE) group at Microsoft Corporation. TCE aims to connect startups, technology influencers and policy makers with each other to build a more connected world to empower and improve the lives of citizens. TCE engages with key metropolitan areas on broad tech and policy issues, working closely with government, universities, NGOs, and other businesses. Prior to joining TCE, Frank worked in DPE Public Sector, providing technical guidance to business and technology decision makers in both government agencies and in the DC area startup ecosystem.

Prior to joining Microsoft in 2011, Frank worked as a consultant implementing Microsoft technologies across several Microsoft Gold Partner firms. He was also awarded Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) from 2006 through 2011 for his leadership in the developer community and work in the mobile computing space. 

A passionate technologist at heart, he blogs regularly about creating software on and video blogs regularly at #DCTech Minute, which covers the DC area startup scene.

Frank’s Recent activity