Spam—It Gets Better All the Time

Recent spam attacks look more legitimate than ever before.

Lavon Peters

August 5, 2008

1 Min Read
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No, I’m not talking about canned meat. I’m talking about those annoying email messages, more of which seem to invade my inbox every day. Unless you’ve been on vacation for the past month, or you have a really good spam filter, you’ve no doubt seen the latest culprits: email messages claiming to have nude photos and/or video of Angelina Jolie, messages hyping Brittany Spears’ recent antics, and—perhaps most disturbing—messages that appear to come from CNN, listing the top 10 news stories of the day. If you open any of these messages and click on their links, your computer will be infected with malware. The CNN emails are especially tempting, because they seem legitimate. After all, who among us hasn’t visited recently? Even if you have a good spam filter (as we do here at Windows IT Pro), you’re likely to receive one or more of these messages, as I have. Don’t mistake them for real news; take the advice of Sam Masiello, director of threat management at MX Logic, and delete them immediately. Otherwise, the bad taste in your mouth is likely to be worse than the actual taste of canned ham

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