Microsoft Rolls Out the Third Cumulative Update for Windows 10 1511

Windows 10 1511 gets its third update in a month.

Rod Trent

December 3, 2015

1 Min Read
Microsoft Rolls Out the Third Cumulative Update for Windows 10 1511

We’re just a few short weeks removed from the delivery of Microsoft’s biggest update to Windows 10. The November Update took willing Windows 10 users to Build 1511. 1511 brought numerous new features, changes, and fixes and is a welcome update for many.

Between the public launch of Windows 10 in July and the big update in November, there were no less than thirteen cumulative updates (CUs). A CU is a single download that contains all the many OS fixes since the last CU was released and is generally considered something that should be installed. But, since its cumulative, if you miss one, that’s OK. Just install the most current version to get all the fixes. And, that’s good, considering the amount of time you’d need to spend deploying and installing thirteen CUs.

Yesterday evening, Microsoft delivered its third CU just for Build 1511. And, as has become Microsoft’s public disclosure policy, there’s not much to tell about this latest update, except that a) its available, and b) it probably fixes things.

Ironically, Steve Ballmer of all people is also becoming frustrated with Microsoft’s lack of verbose information, this time in how the company reports revenue to its investors. Microsoft has promised, though, that it will work to make feature change lists available to Enterprises sometime. The November Update for Windows 10 carried with it a bunch of business-only features, but we’ve still yet to see any movement on the change list undertaking.

Three CUs for 1511 already might seem like an awfully short time, but considering the company deliver thirteen for RTM in just 3 months, it isn’t that too farfetched or strange.

Yesterday’s CU is listed under KB3116908.

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