IT Innovators: Container Conferences You Won’t Want to Miss

Here's a look at some upcoming events that should be on your radar.

Cheryl J. Ajluni

March 25, 2016

2 Min Read
IT Innovators: Container Conferences You Won’t Want to Miss

Clearly, containers are something many of you are interested in. For proof of that, I need look no further than the large number of emails I received regarding last week’s blog on the topic. So to help you stay ahead of the curve, I’ve compiled a list of upcoming events for the remainder of 2016 that you might find interesting.

Upcoming events to check out:

  1. Container Camp, San Francisco, CA, April 15, 2016

This conference will bring together twelve of the world’s top technologists to discuss the future of software containers.

  1. ContainerDays Boston 2016, Cambridge, MA, May 24, 2016

This learning event is designed to help you go from understanding the basics of Container 101 to doing it for real.

  1. ContainerSched 2016, London, June 8, 2016

This conference will focus on both containers and schedulers, and aims to explore the core technologies and associated areas of interest such as networking, storage and security.

  1. DockerCon 2016, Seattle, WA, June 19, 2016

This conference will cover all aspects of Docker and the surrounding ecosystem, providing content for Developers, DevOps, System Administrators and Clevel executives.

  1. Cloud and DevOps World Forum, Olympia, London, June 21, 2016

While not solely focused on Containers, this event has a DevOps & Container track that presents attendees with information on strategies, business models and technologies, including case studies and thought leadership content, designed to drive new opportunities for organizations.

  1. ContainerCon 2016,Toronto, Canada, August 22, 2016

This conference will bring together leading contributors in Linux containers, the Linux kernel, and related projects to talk about all aspects of Linux containers.

If your schedule doesn’t permit you to attend any of these events, you can also check out a slew or resources online, such as Introduction to Cloud Infrastructure TechnologiesRegistration You can also check out the websites of the company’s offering Container solutions, such as Docker, Rocket and Odin. In the meantime if you have any good Container resources you can recommend to your peers, drop me a line at [email protected]. And don’t forget to check back here each week for more information on the hybrid cloud and other important IT-related topics.

This blog is sponsored by Microsoft.

Cheryl J. Ajluni is a freelance writer and editor based in California. She is the former Editor-in-Chief of Wireless Systems Design and served as the EDA/Advanced Technology editor for Electronic Design for over 10 years. She is also a published book author and patented engineer. Her work regularly appears in print and online publications. Contact her at [email protected] with your comments or story ideas.



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