3rd Party Options for a Microsoft Band Charging Cable

There's a slew of third-party Microsoft Band charging cables available, but only a couple worthy of considering.

Rod Trent

July 24, 2015

1 Min Read
3rd Party Options for a Microsoft Band Charging Cable

I find it extremely handy having extra Microsoft Band USB charging cables handy. Right now, I maintain two. One that pretty much stays connected to my PC and then one that sits on my bedside table and sports the Microsoft Band Charging Stand. When I travel, I detach the one connected to my PC and take that one with me.

The official Microsoft Band charging accessory is cost worthy at $19.99, but additional, third-party options are also available. The price is better, but third-party options are always a bit of a gamble. You just don't know what to expect in quality. That's not just for the Microsoft Band, but any device or gadget, particularly when they are not officially licensed.

I've obtained a few third-party charging cables for testing, and I've only come up with two that meet the criteria for quality and durability. Interestingly enough, both options also come included with screen protectors, making the lower price even more valuable. The screen protectors aren't anything to write home about, but if you don't have a screen protector already, it's worth noting. Of course, if you want a great screen protector check out the ones from Skinomi and the ArmorSuit.

The third-party charging cables that I found to be the best are the…

Kissmart Charger Cradle Charging Dock + Screen Guard Protector ($14.99)

Kirin Charging USB Cable Data Sync Cord + Screen Guard Protector ($13.69)

The Kissmart is as close to the original Microsoft accessory as can be accomplished, while the charging block for the Kirin is a bit bulkier (thicker) in design. Additionally, the Kissmart's cable connections seem better protected and more solid.

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