Free Android App Development Tool: Indigo Rose Software Launches Andromo App Maker

Indigo Rose Software, a creator of software development tools for Microsoft Windows programmers, released a free Android app development tool, Andromo App Maker, a product intended to make it easy for Android beginners to quickly develop Android applications.

Anne Grubb

October 7, 2011

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Indigo Rose Software, a creator of software development tools for Microsoft Windows programmers such as AutoPlay Media Studio and Setup Factory, released Andromo App Maker, a free Android app development tool that lets anyone build an Android app quickly and easily, using a simple point-and-click process. For more articles on mobile development, see " Better Mobile Website Development Using the jQuery Mobile Library " and " Mobile Development Options for .NET Developers ."

"We wanted something that could democratize app making, like Blogger did for the web, without flooding the Android market with poorly programmed apps," said Colin Adams, president of Indigo Rose Software. "If you can use Blogger or Wordpress, you can use Andromo." Adams also emphasized that Andromo is geared toward creating apps that are distinctively Android. "Most app-creation software now on the market focuses on iPhone apps with Android development as an afterthought. Andromo apps look and feel like Android apps, not iPhone apps or websites."

Andromo walks users through the steps needed to customize their app's appearance and specify features and functions. Users can select features such as background colors, textures, graphics, and the position of text and icons on screen as well as add more advanced capabilities, such as ability to embed websites and html pages directly into the app. Apps made with Andromo can open websites, display graphics, and bring in blog posts, Twitter feeds, Facebook updates, and more. Once an app is created, it is ready to be uploaded to Android Market.

Managing Android apps in Andromo App Maker

Click the links to find more information about Andromo App Maker , or to register for a free account that will let you use Andromo to create Android apps.

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