Experts Predict Future of AI a Year from Now

NASA, Boston Dynamics, VisionWorks Studios, Unilever, Informa, and Ben Labs forecast the next 12 months in AI.

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June 25, 2024

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At the AI Summit London 2024, Chuck Martin, Informa Tech editorial director of AI and IoT, asked experts from NASA, Boston Dynamics, VisionWorks Studios, Unilever, Informa and Ben Labs for their predictions for AI one year from now.

NASA’s Christyl Johnson says sending humans to the Moon via the Artemis Accord will be the big topic of conversation next year.

Boston Dynamics’ Brendan Schulman hopes to see the bills the company has proposed to prohibit the weaponization of general-purpose robots passed in the U.S. and a model for responsible robotics use established.

Laurence Moroney from VisionsWorks Studios and Muse Systems Enterprise wants to put theory into practice with the AI movies currently being produced.

Unilever’s Alberto Prado wants to see the nascent AI technology ecosystem of LLMs, AI agents, large action models and knowledge clouds combined in a way that delivers value to companies.

According to Informa’s Rajat Kotra, as the industry matures, the establishment of regulations will become stronger and as more practical examples of AI adding value for end customers emerge, product prices will rise accordingly.

BEN Labs’ Alex McFayden predicts the industry will derive value from multi-agent systems that combine specialized AIs with an LLM to give a human-like natural language interface.

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