JSI Tip 4837. Low disk space on a drive may prevent Active Directory replication?

Jerold Schulman

February 12, 2002

1 Min Read
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If you are low on disk space on an Active Directory domain controller, replication may fail. The following may be logged in the Directory Service log:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: NTDS Replication
Event Category: Replication
Event ID: 1480
Date: date
Time: time
User: Everyone
Computer: computer name
Description: Replication error: The directory replication agent (DRA) couldn't update object CN=Partitions,CN=Configuration,DC= computer name ,DC=sjz,DC=navisite-int,DC=com (GUID 956291ad-65a5-4b0e-aa66-e1ad981ddd6c) on this system with changes which have been received from source server 84df4dfc-87ce-488f-a49e-5de415d58963._ server name .com.

The disk containing the database is full. Please free up some space on the disk by deleting unnecessary files or moving them to another volume. If the disk is a RAID set, you may be able add additional disks to increase the storage. If the database files and logs are co-located, you may want to separate them. You can move either the files or the logs using the ntdsutil utility program.

The disk that contains the ntds.dit database and log file is full.

To resolve this issue, free up some disk space or move the Active Directory database and/or log files to a different drive.

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