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Nice. Christian Puzder covers some cool updates to the web site: got some much wanted new features. Most important is the ability to "follow" and artist so that you receive updates when on the bands you follow are on tour and will be in you area, and feed aggregation which allows users to add news sites to a band’s bio page. These are small but important features for Zune which has distinguished itself with its Social for users who love music. These simple new feature make the ability to keep up with your favorite band even easier.

On a particular artist's page will be a feed aggregator that users, like yourself, can add links to.

In addition to this feature, the new social also lets users preview/watch artist's videos from within the social page, and aggregates tour date info in the artist's social page. All these feature really make the Zune further embolden the Zune as the digital music service for the music fan.

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