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Zune price cuts

Wow, it’s been a busy week for Zune news. :) We had the unexpected Zune 3.1 update, the huge Zune Pass update, and now this… Microsoft is significantly cutting the price of most of its Zune players and some accessories. I’ve argued since Microsoft launched the Zune that it needs to undercut Apple’s pricing on comparable player models in order to make headway in this market. And now it seems like they finally get that. Good for them.

From the Zune Insider blog, of course:

Just in time for the holidays: a flash-based device and accessory price cut for the US and Canada. You may have seen some chatter last week about lower priced devices at certain retailers, well we are happy to “officially” announce that the lower prices can be found at Zune Originals and all our major retail partners (all prices listed in USD, and are only suggested prices). Check the list:

Product         New Price         Old Price         Change
Zune 4GB        $99.99            $129.99           -$30
Zune 8GB        $139.99           $149.99           -$10
Zune 16GB       $179.99           $199.99           -$20
Car Pack        $69.99            $79.99            -$10
Home/AV Pack    $59.99            $79.99            -$20
Dock Pack       $39.99            $49.99            -$10

Ok, happy shopping!

This is awesome news. I only wish the Zune 120 had gotten a price cut as well.

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