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A Zune follow-up

In my last post, I discussed some thoughts about the Zune. I was interested to see that a Bloomberg article (which is clearly written by someone unfamiliar with technology) has bolstered my thoughts about Zune market share (I had sort of roughly figured Zune's overall market share at 3.5 percent):

Microsoft Corp. will unveil smaller versions of its Zune media player that the company says will vault it to second place in the market and take sales from Apple Inc.'s dominant iPod.

Microsoft was the fourth-biggest seller of portable digital players in the first half with 3 percent of the market, compared with Apple's 71 percent, according to NPD ... Microsoft sold 1.2 million Zunes between their November release and June, less than 3 percent of the iPod's sales in the same time.

Robbie Bach, president of the division that includes Zune, pledges a second-place position for the device by the end of Christmas. He won't say how many Zunes Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft will sell. At least two-thirds of them will probably be the new flash-based machines, Bach said.

Maybe Robbie can buy some Microsoft stock in anticipation of this success.  :) OK, sorry. 

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