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Yahoo! Mail opens to new domains

Looks like you can grab and email addresses now from Yahoo! Mail, in addition to the standard addresses:

For many of you this may not be all that exciting (heck, if you are reading the Yahoo! Mail product blog it’s reasonable to assume you have a Yahoo! Mail account already) but for a lot of people out there getting that perfect email address has proven to be a bit of a white whale. Even I had to settle for ymailblog1 because someone had already snapped up ymailblog. Well that ends right now (or actually in the next hour or so), because...

What’s Old is New, Just for You

Ever tried to sign up for a new email account, only to find that the name you want is unavailable? We hear you – as the most popular email service in the world, Yahoo! Mail has more than a quarter of a billion users worldwide* – that’s a LOT of email addresses in use already. With that in mind, we’re making millions of desirable email addresses available today with the launch of two shiny new domains: and

Sign up for a new Yahoo! Mail address.

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