Xbox Video for Windows Updated to Match Xbox Music Design

Xbox Video for Windows Updated to Match Xbox Music Design

Hey, that only took a year

If you use Xbox Video for some reason—and, seriously, I don't recommend it aside from rented movies—you'll be happy to see today's major UI update: The app now looks and works like the Xbox Music app instead of the old-fashioned panorama it previously sported. Now if we could just get the Xbox Games app updated.

The UX update we see in the new version of the app is a long time coming: Microsoft updated the Xbox Music design to this style last year. But as noted, it could be worse: Not only does Xbox Games still use the old panorama design, it still displays in the 2012-era gray scheme. Yikes. Xbox Video did at least switch to a more pleasant black scheme many months ago.

So... that's it. There's nothing else new.

I do like the "new" design, and it's certainly cleaner and easier to navigate. But Xbox Video still has a long ways to go, and I don't know that I'll ever trust Microsoft to fully deliver on a service that, let's face it, is not exactly core to the company's goals. It has ever-shifting licensing terms for individual movies, and you'll find that some purchased movies simply become unavailable to you over time. I just don't trust it.

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