Xbox One October 2014 System Update to Include Snap, TV Improvements

Xbox One October 2014 System Update to Include Snap, TV Improvements

Another solid month of Xbox One updates

Microsoft has detailed the changes coming in the October 2014 System Update for Xbox One. Another big update, this one includes improvements to the Snap experience and TV, and several fan-requested features.

If you're on the Xbox One preview program, you will see these features begin rolling out today. The general public will get them in October.

New features/changes include:

Snap improvements. The Snap Center is being updated to include access to Friends, Messages, Game DVR, clock, and battery indicator, and to make it easier to open and close snapped apps while playing a game. (I fumble with Snap every time I use it.) Now, when you double-tap the Xbox button on the controller, you'll see a much nicer menu with options opening a new snapped app, closing the currently-snapped app, or switch the focus to the snapped app. (Currently, this just toggles Snap.) They're also adding an "Xbox, Record That"-like feature to Snap Center—key for those of you without a Kinect who wish to instantly record the last 30 seconds of gameplay: Just double-tap the Xbox button and then tap X on your controller.

Apps newly optimized for Snap mode. Friends and Messages now have a snapped mode so you can access these interfaces without leaving the game or other experience you're currently viewing.

Achievements app improvements. This app has been updated to allow you to share achievements you've unlocked with captions, see a list of friends who have unlocked specific achievements, and an updated achievements Snap experience that that shows achievements on recently played games, when a user is not actively playing a game.

Friends Dashboard section. A new Dashboard section called Friends will let you stay up to date on your friends' activities more easily. This section was previously made available only to select preview members but now it's heading to everyone in the program, and will roll out publicly in October. (Why there's a preview program and then a select group of preview members is unclear. First class and business class?)

New SmartGlass features. The SmartGlass app on Windows Phone and other platforms has been updated to show your top games in your profile and a list of your friends' most popular games in the Friends section.

Media player improvements. The terrible Media Player app is being updated with support for DLNA streaming (in addition to USB device-based playback) and the MKV video format.

Live TV improvements. A new Live TV Trending tab will show you which TV shows are trending in OneGuide; it's updated every minute and will be available in the US, Canada and UK first. Xbox One is also being updated to support the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner that was announced recently, a new MiniGuide for viewing TV show details on the bottom of the screen, OneGuide support for 12 new countries (Belgium, Chile, Columbia, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and Russia), and support for Internet TV apps in OneGuide.

Devices & Accessories page improvements. Navigate to Settings, and then Find, Assign, and Update Xbox One accessories. Here, you can assign accessories to specific users, such as assigning a headset to a specific gamer, Microsoft says.

Controller firmware update improvements. Now, you can update the firmware for an individual controller or other device and more easily find or identify a controller by making it vibrate.

Hide games and apps. You can now hide items in the "Ready to install" list in My Games & Apps on a per-console basis. To temporarily show hidden items, press the X button on your controller while holding down both triggers.

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