Games with Gold: July 2014

Games with Gold: July 2014

More free games for both Xbox One and Xbox 360

With its July 2014 Games with Gold promotion, Microsoft is providing two free games each for Xbox One and Xbox 360 users, respectively, who subscribe to Xbox Live Gold. For some reason, however, we only know about one of the coming free games on Xbox One.

Microsoft has been providing free games through Games for Gold over a year now, but it was last month that Xbox One users finally got in on the act. Here's what's happening this month.

Xbox One

Starting July 2 (tomorrow): Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
Original price: $14.99

"You play Juan Aguacate, a masked Mexican wrestler on a quest to save the President's daughter from the evil, skeletal Carlos Calaca – you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll elbow-drop jaguars. More than just a meticulously balanced brawler, though, Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition features cleverly hidden secret areas, a vibrant world of wonderment built around the Mexican land of the dead, and a creative ability system that allows for ever-increasing exploration and rewards."

Starting July 16: Not announced yet

Nohting on the second game for Xbox One yet, but Microsoft does note that one of last month's games, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, will remain available for Xbox Live Gold members to download for Xbox One.

Xbox 360

Starting July 1 (today): Gotham City Impostors
Original price: $14.99

"Gotham City Impostors is a multiplayer, first-person shooter based on DC Comics' Batman universe. Here, two teams of six players face off against each other using a variety of Batman- and Joker-themed weapons in good ol' deathmatches. Raucous fun, and plenty of it to be had for fans of blowin' stuff up."

Starting July 16: BattleBlock Theater
Original price: $14.99

"In BattleBlock Theater in you've got nowhere to go but up ... on stage. Play single player or co-op to free your friends and save Hatty Hattington! Jump, solve and battle your way through a mysterious theater inhabited by highly technological felines."

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