Workshops Target SQL Server

As part of the SQL Agent Man Series, the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) announced workshops that will help SQL Server users maximize their effectiveness. In “Teach Your SQL Server to Speak English,” scheduled for July 24, 2000, in Denver, Colorado, attendees will learn how English Query works and receive ideas for getting started. Register online at (event code 31909). “Better Results Faster with Microsoft Search Service,” offered August 14, 2000, in Denver, Colorado, demonstrates full-text indexing, including set up and interactive demonstration. Register online at (event code 32267). Registration for each of these intermediate-to-advanced workshops is also available by calling 877-673-8368. Carl Dubler, Microsoft SQL User Group president and Edify Services’ president, will teach the workshops. Edify Services provides customized training in Microsoft and other technologies. Dubler has taught Microsoft technology since 1994 throughout the United States and in three other countries. As SQL Agent Man, Dubler demonstrates tricks and techniques to help attendees understand what makes SQL Server tick.

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