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Microsoft has shipped a redesigned version of its Web site, which has operated as an information and download portal for the company’s Windows Live “suite” and other products and services. Well, that’s not really changing. What is changing is that Microsoft has infused with community features (via subtle Windows Live Space integration). This blog post from Marty Collins, a Windows Live Senior Product Marketing Manager, is explains what’s happening:

With today’s re-launch of our revamped we’re sharing control of the site’s content with the people who know our services best - our customers.

Our community members are creating much of the site’s content, usually by showing how they are using various Windows Live services in everyday situations (read here how Windows Live Messenger saved someone’s life ... sort of). We’re also making it easier for members to share their experience. Once they join the community, all they have to do is post on their Windows Live Space where they’re already spending their time, and tag it for the community. Their multimedia stories, tips, advice and comments are automatically aggregated by an RSS feed into the community, where it’s shared with, and rated by, members. Content with the highest ratings is then showcased on

We began developing this community-driven site about a year ago with some pretty basic questions: How can we help our customers help each other? How are they using Windows Live in creative ways that make their lives better and more fun? In the process, what can we learn about making Windows Live better?

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