WPC 2015 Partner Brief - Ironkey by Imation

WPC 2015 Partner Brief - Ironkey by Imation

My final partner brief video from WPC 2015 is with the folks from Ironkey by Imation.

They build high end USB based devices called PC on a Stick that can be used in a multitude of scenarios across industries such as education, healthcare and finances.

These ruggedized devices can survive a cycle in your washing machine but if anyone attempts to tamper with the hardware encryption chip on the device that will cause the wire mesh surrounding it to be damaged and subsequently change its electronic signature. That results in the immediate detonation of the info on the device.

By the way, I have been told that is not an explosive detonation of course, but the wiping of the data on it.  

If you are looking for options to provide Windows hardware for temporary/contract workers, BYOD employees or a mobile solution that allows flexibility then Ironkey might be a viable option for you.

Leon Brown, Ironkey's Senior Product Manager, talks to me about the devices, usage scenarios and why an off the store shelf USB drive cannot match their products performance and durability.

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